His holiness, Talents

His holiness, is a revered celebrity, a singer, a director and the winner of his people’s hearts. This all sounds unbelievable until the moment comes when the person finally listens to saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Quenching the thirst of people’s minds and souls, he has helped a myriad of people by directing them towards the path of meditation and elevating soul power.

His Holiness believes it’s the main remedy to achieve self-confidence and for reaching heights on concept of sky is the limit.

Talent hits a target
no one else can hit!!

Besides awakening the souls and leading them to achieve the impossible, His Holiness is an author, inventor, scientist, an athlete, writer, multi-lingual orator, scholar, musician, theologian, physician, philosopher, philanthropist, peace activist and the ultimate humanitarian, only to mention a few of his endless gifts.

In addition to the selfless devotion of his life dedicated to bringing joy to others.